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What can BLUE do for you?

Our mission is to increase patient acquisition velocity at the lowest cost in the Healthcare Industry

Digital Brand Marketing

Creating and/or improving your practice’s positioning and branding. We do this by increasing your website’s Domain and Page Ranking through Custom Content Pillars (including third party research, information, audio and video production) about your specialized areas of medicine practiced.

Search Engine Optimization

Systematically researching, selecting and implementating hundreds of relevant keywords and phrases that will drive more organic traffic to the site. Targeting popular keywords are expensive and often results in poor targeting, low click-to-action ratios and higher costs. We leverage a team of PPC Experts who monitor and fine tune campaigns 24/7 for the lowest cost per acquired customer (CAC) in the industry!

Social Media Optimization

Actively setting-up, posting, monitoring, updating and distributing news, events and reviews, generate increase in likes and forwards or re-tweets to generate a network or viral effect related to your practice that increases its reputation across multiple Social Media Channels including Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Online Reputation Management

Managing your positive and negative Customer Reviews, establishing and continuously improving your local search reputation at Yelp, Yahoo Local, Google My Business, etc., are all critical to the process of engaging customers and converting click-throughs to walk-throughs

Our results speak for themselves…


3 month traffic improvement from keywords


Reduction in ad-spend with ZERO impact on traffic

Days from engagement start for most clients to see consistent performance gains

Just organizing existing content. Often it's just knowing how to effectively organize content.

Finally, an agency that...

…works like we do and without ripping us off! We were one of BlueMSO’s first  customers and liked how they guaranteed results – they have delivered the results that we were looking for without stretching budget.

We manage your Patient Lifecycle

Patient Acquisition

Getting new patients through the door is what we focus on, by continuously monitoring your patient acquisition metrics and optimizing the digital marketing tactics that matter, to deliver the lowest patient acquisition cost in the healthcare industry – This is what we do.

We follow a rigorous process and use market-proven tactics to increase search, social or reputation impressions, keyword rankings and website visits. We recommend display, re-targeting, click-to-call or call-to-action campaigns to accelerate patient acquisition.  We use different strategies for urgent care practices where patients need immediate attention without an appointment or for plastic surgeons where sustained education and engagement trumps on-demand urgency. This is why we guarantee results

Patient Engagement

Is it flu-season or allergy-season?  How are you engaging your existing patients? How do you measure how each patient feels about your care? While it’s important to engage your patients before and after a visit, do you know how each of your patients would prefer to be engaged between visits?  Pertinent, quick loading answers to questions related to treatment options during specific seasons or for specific conditions, appointment availability and insurance premiums may be important to some, while deep informational content may be more important for others. We have the tools to help you customize and personalize patient engagement for each patient. 


Digital Marketing without measurement is meaningless. Google search impressions, social media links, online reputation, keyword rankings and website visit metrics are only meaningful if they are being tracked, analyzed and used to optimize patient acquisition and engagement. All the metrics that  marketers are notorious for delivering are meaningless – if you are not seeing patient and revenue growth. Period.

We use daily data and metrics from best-in-class industry-standard tools from Google, Amazon and other third parties, combined with your phone and EMR records for a 360 view of your practice’s progress and growth and we review this with you as frequently as needed!

Patient Journey

You only have one shot at making that first impression! Whether patients find your business online through a web search, your social media presence, an email campaign, or through your advertising messages and powerful display ads – you don’t get a second chance. Every step of your customer’s journey following that is equally important. We optimize this journey from appointments, tracking calls with staff, reminders, visit preparedness, sign-in experience management and capturing feedback to maximize the patient experience and retention.